This is a high quality check up on your full alarm system to ensure it is fully working at optimum level, this service can reduce your home insurance and can be done for as little as £50 (inc VAT). 

An annual service can help identify minor issues with your alarm system before they become major and affect the security of your home.

Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures that whichever alarm system you have in your home and whatever the age of it we will be able to perform a comprehensive service on the system.

 A service sheet will be provided and will be explained to you by one of our engineers so you understand what we have done to optimise your alarm system, this can be used as evidence when insuring your home. 

If our engineers come across any concerns over the operation of your alarm system we will let you know straight away and give you a solution and quote at the time of service to repair the fault, this can normally be resolved at the same visit so your alarm system is up and running at the earliest opportunity.  Any small repairs will be done free of charge during service.

  • No call out fee
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Discount on repairs parts and labour
  • Small repairs included during service
  • Take over any existing alarm service contract
  • Service any model of alarm at any age